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Information Technology (IT) adoption is an important field of study in a number of areas, which include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Due to the numerous advantages of IT, SMEs are trying to adopt IT applications to support their businesses. IT adoption by SMEs differs from larger organizations because of their specific characteristics, such as(More)
Although voluntary individual usage behavior of information system and technology is well studied in the literature, further theoretical development is needed to account for the specific characteristics of the mobile commerce. This study presents an extended technology acceptance and satisfaction model presented by Wixom and Todd (2005) that integrates(More)
Three species of otter can be found throughout Malay Peninsula: Aonyx cinereus, Lutra sumatrana, and Lutrogale perspicillata. In this study, we focused on the A. cinereus population that ranges from the southern and the east coast to the northern regions of Malay Peninsula up to southern Thailand to review the relationships between the populations based on(More)
Among middle east non-oil paramount issues one can refer to pistachio production and its processing industry; Base on this fact, this study attempted to identify the major influences in enhancing success of Middle-East small and medium pistachio processing enterprises, according to their entrepreneur's strategic perception (ESP) and their entrepreneur's(More)
Simulation of time-based and sensor-based traffic light control system at four-way intersection using Arena simulation software was studied. Introduction of sensors in traffic light system has been developed to reduce waiting time of vehicles at intersection. Simulation with Arena is done to observe if the improvement of sensor-based system is significant(More)
In spite of all the efforts in different industries to reduce the number of undesirable accidents, a lot of events always threat industrial societies. These events often cause huge damages to the environment, facilities and even in some cases, fatalities and disabilities for people. Therefore, it is important to predict these probable accidents and plan to(More)
The previous assumptions that natural resources do not have limitation and that the regenerative capacity of the environment is able to compensate for all human action is no longer acceptable. Regarding to the issue, sustainability will be a crucial problem for the future generations. The logistics sector is a significant contributor to environmental damage(More)
Cellular manufacturing (CM) is a production approach directed towards reducing costs, as well as increasing system’s flexibility in today’s small-to-medium lot production environment.Many structural and operational issues should be considered for a successful CM design and implementation such as cell formation (CF), production planning, and facility layout.(More)