Norzilah Musa

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In network collaborative system, dispersed and co-located users work together to accomplish assigned task in order to achieve their shared goal. While working together, many work related activities are conducted such as interactive communication, sharing resources and manipulating media objects. Furthermore, these activities can happen in many ways either(More)
Predicting minerals potential helps miners in making wise decisions. In this paper, we present a computerized prototype system called GoldXplorer that enables to predict the existence and distribution of gold (aurum (Au)) at a given location with its geological and geographical factors. With its two intelligent engines based on back-propagation neural(More)
Much research on the rain harvesting has been undertaken by experts such as architects and engineers. The emphases are on the required materials, installation of appropriate equipments, techniques of capturing rain water and other issues that lead to the environmental studies. Computers are only for certain calculations or simulations using common software(More)
In networked collaborative working environment, users are involved with either repeatable or exclusive task. These variety tasks required the collaborative system to support it dynamic and creative solutions especially in sharing the communication media. Most of the related research is objectively focusing on the alignment of user behavior in shared(More)
In the collaborative working environment, users in a group activity are formally communicated to each other in the public workspace to collaboratively develop information artefact. However, complex tasks activities required dynamic and creative solutions that need additional spaces for private and informal interactions among group members. Hence, one group(More)
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