Norvin Richards

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THE PHASE Julie Anne Legate Harvard University Watanabe, Akira. 1992. Subjacency and S-Structure movement of whin-situ. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 1:255–291. Wolfart, H. Christoph. 1973. Plains Cree: A grammatical study. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society. Wolfart, H. C. 1996. Sketch of Cree, an Algonquian language. In Handbook of North(More)
The analysis centers on the notion of category in synthetic and analytic verbal forms and on the status of the feature that determines the forms of the Latin perfect. In this part of the Latin verbal system, active forms are synthetic (‘‘verbs’’) but passive forms are analytic (i.e., participle and finite auxiliary). I show that the two perfects occur in(More)
A survey of 72 thoroughbred trainers in several regions of NSW was conducted to better define current grain feeding practices, and the risks involved with grain feeding in the Australian thoroughbred racing industry. Results from the survey indicate that horses in the industry are currently being fed an average of 7.3 +/- 0.23 kg of grain concentrate per(More)
Chomsky (2000, 2001) proposes a theory of AGREE which eliminates ‘featuremovement’ entirely in feature-checking, elaborating ATTRACT of Chomsky (1995). Whereas the theory of AGREE brings a number of conceptual advantages over ATTRACT, it also poses a new challenge. Specifically the proposed mechanism of AGREE cannot deal with covert multiple featurechecking(More)
Order preservation effects are documented with a number of movement operations in various languages, among them wh-movement in English (superiority), multiple wh-movement in Bulgarian, object shift in Danish and Icelandic, pronoun fronting in German, Case-driven NP raising in English, and quantifier raising in German. Beginning with Lakoff (1971), several(More)
A variety of syntactic phenomena seem to involve a ban on multiple adjacent identical objects. I develop a theory of phenomena of this type, positing a constraint on linearization at the syntax-phonology interface which prevents linearization of structurally adjacent syntactic objects with the same label. The claim is that linearization statements make(More)
This study tested the hypothesis that multiple sterilizations of endodontic stainless-steel and nickel-titanium files will lead to a continuous decrease in the resistance of files to separation by torsion. One hundred stainless-steel and 100 nickel-titanium #30 K-type files were divided into 20 groups of 10 and sterilized in increments of 10 cycles, using a(More)
This dissertation examines the syntax and argument structure of non-verbal predicates (focusing primarily on adjectives) in Tagalog. Drawing on evidence from a variety of construction types (including Comparative, Existential, and Ellipsis constructions among others), I argue against the claim that adjectives differ from verbs in their ability to project an(More)