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Several aspects of the effects of dietary fat on plasma lipids and lipoproteins were investigated in 12 subjects during the long-term feeding of formulas containing 40% of their calories as either saturated or unsaturated fats. The changes in fatty acid composition of plasma lipids, shown previously to occur after prolonged feedings of a dietary fat,(More)
The unexplained and highly publicized death of an 18-year-old woman in a New York Hospital in 1984 became the focus for debate throughout the country concerning working conditions and supervision of house officers. It also led to charges by the State of New York of gross negligence against her resident physicians. The residents were exonerated of all(More)
When highly purified myelin from rat sciatic nerve was incubated with [gamma-32P]ATP, protein components of the membrane were phosphorylated indicating the presence of both the substrate (receptor protein) and an endogenous kinase in the membrane. Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the phosphorylated membrane proteins followed by scintillation counting(More)
In a study of the pathogenesis of hepatic fat accumulation under experimental conditions mimicking chronic alcoholism, rats were fed a low-fat diet, deficient in amino acids and choline, containing either ethanol or isocaloric amounts of carbohydrate. Dietary deficiencies alone produced a moderately fatty liver after 24 days. The combination of ethanol and(More)