Nortin J Benevenga

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The rate of oxidation of the carboxyl and methyl carbons of [14C]methionine to CO2 by homogenates of liver, kidney cortex, pancreas, muscle and small intestinal mucosa was studied in two breeds of sheep (Merino and Poll Dorset Horn) at three ages (2 weeks, 3 months, 4 years). Sodium alpha-keto-gamma- methiolbutyrate (0 X 4 mM) stimulated production of CO2(More)
A four-parameter logistic model was used to describe the dose-response relationship of rats fed diets containing 12 levels of casein, peanut meal orwheat gluten. The model was capable of accurate$ describing the entire response curve of rats fed diets containing each of the three protein sources. Incorporation of a technique known as parameter sharing into(More)
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