Norsuzila Ya'acob

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Femtocells, as known as HeNB is the tremendous network technology in the Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in order to fulfill the upcoming demand of high data rates. However, Femtocells deployment may cause the incidence of frequent and unnecessary handover due to the movement of the user. As Femtocells coverage area is very small and deployed randomly,(More)
This paper proposes the design of wideband microstrip patch antenna using L-probe fed. The structure consist of air-filled substrate with dielectric permittivity, &#x03B5;<sub>0</sub> and thickness, h<sub>0</sub> which is sandwiched between superstrate and a ground plane. The design is constructed with respect to 2.6 GHz of centre frequency. Parametric(More)
Radio resource partitioning is a vital feature that ought to be considered to further enhancing the overall performance of the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) system. Radio resources can be allocated in either time domain or frequency domain in OFDMA system. As the emergence recent technologies such as femtocell, which is it underlay(More)
The heterogeneous networks are expected to become a main focus in the development toward the Next Generation Cellular Network (NGCN). The heterogeneous networks will allow users to move freely across different networks. However, the determination of the handoff initiation time is difficult in heterogeneous networks since many factors should be considered in(More)
This paper presents the design of Ultra Wideband (UWB) microstrip antenna consisting of a circular monopole patch antenna with 3 block stepped (wing). The antenna design is an improvement from previous research and it is simulated using CST Microwave Studio software. This antenna was designed on Rogers 5880 printed circuit board (PCB) with overall size of(More)
Lightning generated signals (tweeks) recorded at a mid-latitude station, Gakona (62.71&#x00B0;N, 143.99&#x00B0;W) Alaska, in the North America region during January-April 2011 are used to study the tweek characteristic in D-region ionosphere in the waveguide formed by the earth's surface and the lower ionosphere. Analysis of 873 tweeks shows that equinoxes(More)
Next-generation wireless systems will be conceived to have all Internet Protocol (IP). It is based on infrastructure with the support of heterogeneous access technologies. IP system is the designs of intelligent mobility management technology that have many advantages to achieve global roaming as compare to others technologies. As the user allowed to move(More)
Land use and land cover classification of remotely sensed data is an important research and commonly used in remote sensing application. In this study, the different types of classification techniques were used by using satellite image of some part of Selangor, Malaysia. For this objective, the land use and land cover was classified with Landsat 8 satellite(More)
Multipath mitigation techniques using wavelet decomposition is proposed for extracting or modelling multipath from Global Positioning System (GPS) carrier phase observations. Multipath can be reduced by choosing sites without multipath reflectors or by using choke-ring antennas to mitigate the reflected signal. In this paper, we apply a method based on(More)