Norris Syed Abdullah

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Regulatory compliance has become a critical concern for many industries around the globe and investment to achieve compliance has increased drastically inline with that concern. While Information Systems (IS) are considered a part of the support architecture, anecdotal evidence suggests that organisations struggle with finding the right tools and guidance(More)
Managing regulatory compliance is increasingly challenging and costly for organizations worldwide. While there is evidence that research on compliance management is on the increase, to facilitate industry-relevance there is a need to inform future research directions with empirical insights from practice. In this paper, we present the results of an(More)
Mobile devices usage has grown significantly in the last decade. With the advent of mobile technology, mobile devices have transformed people lifestyle including learning style. Mobile learning uses mobile technologies to carry out learning process. Typically, mobile learning involved individual learning with less or without teacher’s supervision and(More)
Today, business intelligence system (BIS) is universally considered as an essential tool to aid business decision making process. There is consensus that BIS has significant effects on predicting current and prospective views of business operations. These effects will only be realized if, and when, BIS are widely spread and used. An imperative study of BIS(More)
Shared services is a consolidation of support functions in organization, to provide services as efficiency and effectively as possible. The implementation shared services in organization become more crucial especially in ICT shared services. However, how to measure the successful ICT shared services is still lacking. The purpose of this study is to identify(More)