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When a website is suddenly lost without a backup, it maybe reconstituted by probing web archives and search engine caches for missing content. In this paper we describe an experiment where we crawled and reconstructed 300 randomly selected websites on a weekly basis for 14 weeks. The reconstructions were performed using our web-repository crawler named(More)
In this note, some fundamental results including relationship between weighted distribution functions and mean advantage over inferiors functions are established. Ordering of reliability and/or distribution functions via mean advantage over inferiors functions and related functions for parent and weighted reliability functions are presented. Some(More)
In this paper, fundamental results of the joint distribution of the bivariate exponential distributions are established. The positive support multivariate distribution theory is important in reliability and survival analysis, and we applied it to the case where more than one failure or survival is observed in a given study. Usually, the multivariate(More)
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