Norou Diawara

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The objective of the cross-sectional study was to assess whether exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from coke oven emissions contributed to alteration of semen quality and sperm DNA integrity in nonsmoking workers. Nonsmoking coke oven workers from a steel plant in Taiwan served as the exposure groups (topside-oven workers for the high(More)
When a website is suddenly lost without a backup, it maybe reconstituted by probing web archives and search engine caches for missing content. In this paper we describe an experiment where we crawled and reconstructed 300 randomly selected websites on a weekly basis for 14 weeks. The reconstructions were performed using our web-repository crawler named(More)
In this note, some fundamental results including relationship between weighted distribution functions and mean advantage over inferiors functions are established. Ordering of reliability and/or distribution functions via mean advantage over inferiors functions and related functions for parent and weighted reliability functions are presented. Some(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated the association between exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and immunological measurements using blood samples from coke oven workers exposed to high and low PAH levels. METHODS A population-based cross-sectional study was conducted from 2008-2009 with coke oven workers and steel-rolling workers as the exposed and(More)
This paper examines the interactive effect between the price of unhealthy foods and Food Stamp Program participation on body weight status among low-income women in the United States. We merged the panel data of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 cohort in 1985-2002 and the Cost of Living Index data compiled by the American Chamber of Commerce(More)
In Agadez, northern Niger, envenomations due to scorpion sting is a major public health problem, ranking first among reasons for emergency admission to hospital and inducing significant mortality. In order to provide best medical care, improved knowledge of scorpion sting envenomation was required. From April to September 1999, we carried out a prospective,(More)
This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at ODU Digital Commons. It has been accepted for inclusion in OEAS Faculty Publications by an authorized administrator of ODU Digital Commons. For more information, please contact Repository Citation Prista, Nuno; Diawara, Norou; Costa,(More)
BACKGROUND Scapular position and size deficiency is evident in obstetric brachial plexus paralysis (OBPP) patients due to the absence of balanced muscular forces acting on the scapula. Scapula stabilization (SS) procedures aim to restore a balanced musculature and anatomic position and to augment shoulder function and enhance developmental potential. (More)
Problem: Several approaches to analyze seatbelt use have been proposed in the literature. Two methods that has not been explored are the use of unweighted and weighted logistic regression model and the use of item response theory (IRT) or the Rasch model. Since accurate methods to predict seatbelt use behavior based upon observed data must include a builtin(More)