Norman S Braveman

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The association between blood lead level and dental caries was evaluated in cross-sectional analyses of baseline data for 543 children 6-10 years old screened for enrollment in the Children's Amalgam Trial, a study designed to assess potential health effects of mercury in silver fillings. Approximately half of the children were recruited from an urban(More)
The Casa Pia Study of the Health Effects of Dental Amalgams in Children is a randomized clinical trial designed to assess the safety of low-level mercury exposure from dental amalgam restorations in children. It is being carried out in 507 students (8 to 12 years of age at enrollment) of the Casa Pia school system in Lisbon, Portugal, by an(More)
Rats were given injections of an aversion-inducing drug in one environment, and then conditioned to avoid a novel-tasting saccharin solution. The treatment preexposure effect (i.e., reduced conditioning) was obtained when preexposure and aversion training took place in the same environment, but not in different environments. Additional experiments, which(More)
The information in this notebook may be of assistance to you and your research team in fulfilling your responsibilities for proper conduct of clinical research under applicable federal laws and regulations, and implementation of the updated 2001 NIH Guidelines on the Inclusion of Women and Minorities as Subjects in Clinical Research. This notebook serves as(More)
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