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Five cases of intrauterine device (IUD)-associated tuboovarian actinomycosis are presented. The patients' ages ranged from 33 to 49 years and their IUD usage from 2 to 12 years. Clinical features of the cases included stenosis of the sigmoid colon in 4 cases, ureteric or bladder obstruction in two cases, and rectal fistula in a further instance. All(More)
CD44 expression was investigated immunohistochemically on paraffin sections obtained from 88 uterine cervical cancers and 31 normal cervices, using monoclonal antibodies against CD44 variant epitopes v4, v5, v6, v7/8, v9 and the standard form of the CD44 protein. Normal epithelium showed expression of all CD44 splice variants, at least in traces, and it was(More)
Iatrogenic immune suppression following renal transplantation is frequently associated with certain neoplasms, including vulvar carcinoma. We describe a patient with a vulvar carcinoma less than 1 mm depth of invasion and less than 3 mm superficial spread 12 years after renal transplantation. A simple vulvectomy was performed but 4 months later disease(More)
BACKGROUND In order to evaluate the newly implemented gender-neutral HPV vaccination program, knowledge on the pre-vaccine prevalence of HPV infection is of paramount importance. Data on HPV infection among the women with no known previous cytological abnormalities are inexistent in Austria. This study presents data on the prevalence and distribution of HPV(More)
OBJECTIVE A serological assay for genital HPV infection would provide important additional information to HPV DNA diagnostic methods, since it would evaluate prior exposure to the viruses, detect significant systemic immunologic response to virus infection, and could be performed in most clinical laboratories. METHODS Serum samples from three groups of(More)
7/77 INTERACTIONS OF THE CELLULAR REGULATORY PROTEIN YY1 WITH TRANSCRIPTION CONTROL SEQUENCES OF THE HUMAN PAPILLOMAVlRUS 8 (HPV8). ~P.G. Fuchs, ~C. May, ~Ch. Roder and 2H. Pfister We could recently show that the multifunctional transcription factor YY1 negatively controIs the E6/E7-oncogene promoter of the high-risk genital papitlomavirus type 16 and that(More)
The CS-3000 is a well-established blood cell separator. To increase the efficiency of platelet collection, Baxter developed a new separation chamber, the TNX-6, for the follow-up model of the CS-3000, the CS-3000 Plus. To reduce the occurrence of platelet aggregates and to increase platelet yield and efficiency the collection chamber A-35 has been replaced(More)
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