Norman Redlich

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The human visual system is proocient in perceiving three-dimensional shape from the shading patterns in a two-dimensional image. How it does this is not well understood and continues to be a question of fundamental and practical interest. In this paper we present a new quantitative approach to shape-from-shading that may provide some answers. We suggest(More)
Humans perceive shape rapidly and effortlessly but have great difficulties describing what they perceive. This suggests that the representation of shape in the brain is abstract and very unlike that used in conscious thought. Here we explore the proposal that this representation is matched to the statistical properties of objects in the environment. From an(More)
This brief opposes the overturn of "Roe v. Wade" and resists weakening "Roe's central holding" that would allow states to overturn legal abortion. The brief was written for 885 law professors. "Roe" was not a "constitutional aberration," or "an exercise of raw, judicial power." Some members of the Supreme Court seem to think that the state has "an(More)
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