Norman R. Paterson

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1 For helpful comments and discussions we thank participants at conferences and seminars at ABSTRACT The rise of social movements targeting multinational companies on issues of social and environmental responsibility has generated new global supply chain standards. Tied to the wide range of sustainability standards is the growth of partnerships between(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether distribution of clinical practice guidelines improves lithium monitoring and whether standards of monitoring differed between patients in psychiatric contact and those seen only in primary care. METHOD Standards of monitoring were assessed for patients on lithium in northeast Scotland throughout 1995 and/or throughout 1996.(More)
The CERLAC Working Paper Series includes pre-publication versions of papers prepared by CERLAC associates or resulting from CERLAC projects and colloquia, and which are slated for publication elsewhere. All responsibility for views and analysis lies with the author(s). Authors welcome feedback and comments. Reproduction: All rights reserved to the(More)
The purpose of this chapter is to evaluate the CIFP governance index against small state performance along several dimensions including rule of law, human rights and economic efficiency factors not specified in our conflict/instability index. We do so first by evaluating aspects of governance, specifically democracy against questions of stability and(More)
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