Norman R. Paterson

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Drawing on a growing literature that compares East Asian and Latin American development paths, this paper argues that the neoliberal reading of the lessons from East Asian experience is perverse and misleading in several respects: it misidentifies both the keys to East Asian NIC success and the causes of past failures in Latin America, and it leads to(More)
We describe the effects on costs, working patterns, and clinical behavior of installing a DAX "discretionary" biochemistry analyzer. Use of the new analyzer encouraged doctors to be more specific in requesting biochemical tests, which substantially reduced the number of tests requested and slightly reduced overall costs. Doctors preferred being able to(More)
In Perpetual Peace, Immanuel Kant presents six preliminary articles for perpetual peace before the three well-known definitive articles about republic constitutions, commercial relations, and international organizations. In his third preliminary article, Kant argues that “Standing Armies (miles perpetuus) Shall in Time be Totally Abolished” because they are(More)
The purpose of this chapter is to evaluate the CIFP governance index against small state performance along several dimensions including rule of law, human rights and economic efficiency factors not specified in our conflict/instability index. We do so first by evaluating aspects of governance, specifically democracy against questions of stability and(More)
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