Norman R. Lyons

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The purpose of the study was to assess if a new scintigraphic method for noninvasive assessment of colonic transit could differentiate between subjects with normal bowel transit and those with constipation. Eleven normal subjects and 29 constipated patients were given 4 MBq iodine-131-cellulose (131I-cellulose) orally and sequential abdominal scans were(More)
A method is described for the determination of GFR and ERPF using a combined injection of 51Cr-EDTA and 125I-iodohippurate. Plasma samples obtained at 60 min and 150 min after administration were used to determine a flow rate F assuming a monoexponential clearance of the tracers. Empirical relationships were found between F and the true GFR and ERPF(More)
Thallium uptake and redistribution in the myocardium was quantitated using circumferential activity profiles. The profiles were determined from images in the LAO 35, LAO 70 and anterior views, obtained after peak exercise and after 3–4 h redistribution. A retention curve was constructed from these profiles, displaying the redistribution profile as a(More)
For several years, radioaerosols have been successfully used to provide detailed images of regional ventilation to aid in the differential diagnosis of pulmonary embolism. It has been widely advocated that the ventilation images should follow the perfusion scan and that the amount of aerosol deposited in the patient's lungs should be three times greater(More)
One way to increase the amount of information that can be stored on data storage devices is to develop techniques for reducing redundancy in the data. The obvious first approach is the development of variable length records that repeat the fields for tables and array only as many times as required. This approach helps considerably, but the problem of(More)
A major problem for a manager who used computer services is the problem of systems acquisition and design. He must decide which system to buy and how the system should be structured. This paper presents a computer game written in PL/I that enables a user to choose from among three basic computer systems with a wide variety of CPU, channel and peripheral(More)
seven patients. In these patients there was no significant increase in RV3 amplitude when recorded one interspace below the conventional site. In the nine patients with a thallium-201 cardiac scan negative for old anterior myocardial infarction, RV3 amplitude increased from 2-2±+04 mm to 6-4±1 2 mm. Patients with or without associated old anterior(More)