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Sequential deposition as a route to high-performance perovskite-sensitized solar cells
Following pioneering work, solution-processable organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites—such as CH3NH3PbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I)—have attracted attention as light-harvesting materials for mesoscopic solarExpand
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Growth of CH3NH3PbI3 cuboids with controlled size for high-efficiency perovskite solar cells.
Perovskite solar cells with submicrometre-thick CH(3)NH(3)PbI(3) or CH(3)NH(3)PbI(3-x)Cl(x) active layers show a power conversion efficiency as high as 15%. However, compared to the best-performingExpand
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Perovskite solar cells with CuSCN hole extraction layers yield stabilized efficiencies greater than 20%
Transporter layers improve stability Although perovskite solar cells can have power conversion efficiencies exceeding 20%, they can have limited thermal and ultraviolet irradiation stability. This isExpand
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Semi-transparent perovskite solar cells for tandems with silicon and CIGS
A promising approach for upgrading the performance of an established low-bandgap solar technology without adding much cost is to deposit a high bandgap polycrystalline semiconductor on top to make aExpand
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Mixed-organic-cation perovskite photovoltaics for enhanced solar-light harvesting.
Hybrid organic-inorganic lead halide perovskite APbX3 pigments, such as methylammonium lead iodide, have recently emerged as excellent light harvesters in solid-state mesoscopic solar cells. AnExpand
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The Significance of Ion Conduction in a Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Lead-Iodide-Based Perovskite Photosensitizer.
The success of perovskite solar cells has sparked enormous excitement in the photovoltaic community not only because of unexpectedly high efficiencies but also because of the future potentialExpand
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Nanowire perovskite solar cell.
Organolead iodide perovskite, CH3NH3PbI3, was prepared in the form of nanowire by means of a small quantity of aprotic solvent in two-step spin-coating procedure. One-dimensional nanowire perovskiteExpand
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11% efficiency solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells with copper(II/I) hole transport materials
Solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells currently suffer from issues such as inadequate nanopore filling, low conductivity and crystallization of hole-transport materials infiltrated in the mesoscopicExpand
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Molecular Engineering of Potent Sensitizers for Very Efficient Light Harvesting in Thin-Film Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells.
Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have shown significant potential for indoor and building-integrated photovoltaic applications. Herein we present three new D-A-π-A organic sensitizers, XY1, XY2,Expand
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Transforming Hybrid Organic Inorganic Perovskites by Rapid Halide Exchange
We report on rapid halide exchange in metal halide perovskite of the general formula MAPbX3 (X = Cl, Br, or I). We find that when the perovskite is infiltrated in a mesoscopic scaffold, halideExpand
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