Norman Neff

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Object-oriented languages have been moving into the mainstream of the undergraduate curriculum at an accelerating rate. We have developed a one semester compilers course centered on object-oriented languages. In this paper we discuss some of the major topic changes and technical changes dictated by the shift to object orientation. In particular, we show how(More)
The "2007 SIGCSE Report On the Implementation of a Discrete Mathematics Course" recommends relocating some discrete structures topic areas to other courses, for the sake of coherency. Our implementation of the one semester course also relocates topics, but additionally features a focus on a significant computer science problem: regular language acceptors.(More)
1 Introduction In the undergraduate curriculum, key mathematical principles of computer science are generally presented by either defining an algorithm for construction or by giving a static mathematical definition. Simple constructive definitions may be programmed or worked through by students, but when rigor demands that an abstract mathematical(More)
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