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Genocide in Bosnia: The Policy of "Ethnic Cleansing"
Few events in history have received as much real-time exposure as the atrocities in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Few dilemmas have perplexed peacekeepers and negotiators as has the victimization of Muslims inExpand
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Enemy is US: How Allied and U.S. Strategy in Yemen Contributes to AQAP's Survival
In this monograph, Dr. Norman Cigar provides Special Operations Forces (SOF) commanders and planners with an overview of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) operational framework and presenceExpand
Saddam Hussein's Nuclear Vision: An Atomic Sword and Shield for Conquest
Weapons and weapon systems/Warheads; Weapons and weapon systems/Nuclear and radiological weapons; Weapons and weapon systems/Weapons of mass destruction
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Vojislav Kŏstunica and Serbia's future
The fall of Slobodan Milosevic in October 2000, following an electoral defeat, was one of the most dramatic and unexpected events of the last year of the last millennium. Western governments andExpand
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Indictment at the Hague: The Milosevic Regime and Crimes of the Balkan Wars
I. A Case for Indictment II. The Law: War Crimes and Individual Responsibility III. The Commission of War Crimes in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia IV. Ordering War Crimes V. Aiding and Abetting WarExpand
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