Norman L Strominger

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The autoradiographic tracing method has been used to analyze the distribution of ascending tectofugal pathways in the rhesus monkey. Our findings show that axons which arise from deep collicular neurons terminate within several dorsal thalamic nuclei which in turn project upon the frontal eye fields (area 8) and the inferior parietal lobule (area 7). Both(More)
Using a modification of Aghajanian and Rasmussen's techniques, we have developed an adult rat cervical spinal cord slice preparation in which motoneurons remain viable. Key factors are replacement of all sodium ions in the perfusion medium with sucrose during cutting and incubation, and gentle manipulation of the tissues to prevent root damage during(More)
Systemic administration of apomorphine, angiotensin II, neurotensin and leucine-enkephalin induces emesis in dogs in a dose-dependent fashion. Receptors for Leu-enkephalin and angiotensin II but not apomorphine show receptor desensitization, such that a second systemic administration 5 min after the first is ineffective. Domperidone blocked the emetic(More)
1. Multiple-barreled microelectrodes were used to record from neurons in the area postrema of anesthetized dogs and to test the responses of the neurons to a variety of substances in this structure, which is known to function as the chemoceptive trigger zone for emesis. 2. The neurons in area postrema were silent at rest but could be "found" by virtue of(More)
1. The responses of 122 neurons in the area postrema of anesthetized dogs to 17 common transmitters and peptides were determined. Recordings were made from one barrel of a seven-barrel ionophoretic electrode. 2. All neurons were silent at rest, but most could be detected and excited by the application of glutamate. The glutamate response was a brief,(More)
Previous studies in this laboratory have demonstrated 2,5-dimethylpyrrole adduct formation during in vitro exposure of protein amino groups to the neurotoxic n-hexane metabolite 2,5-hexanedione (2,5-HD). The present investigation reports in vivo pyrrole adduct formation in neural and nonneural protein from 2,5-HD-treated animals. Adult, White-Leghorn hens(More)
Autoradiographic tracing methods were used to demonstrate a well-defined projection from the superior colliculus to the inferior olivary complex in the monkey. This projection originates within the deep layers of the superior colliculus, descends within the contralateral tecto-spinal tract, and terminates within the caudal 1/3 of the medial accessory(More)