Norman L. Hughes

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Selective oxidation reactions are challenging when carried out on an industrial scale. Many traditional methods are undesirable from an environmental or safety point of view. There is a need to develop sustainable catalytic approaches that use molecular oxygen as the terminal oxidant. This review will discuss the use of stable radicals (primarily nitroxyl(More)
Since 1982 Valparaiso University has developed and used a Virtual Disk Access Method (vDAM) software system as an integral part of teaching a second year undergraduate course in File Structures and Algorithms. This software allows a student to emulate the management of a variety of fde organizations on a bulk storage device. VDAM is dynamic in that it can(More)
A homogeneous Pd(II) catalyst, utilizing a simple and inexpensive amine ligand (TMEDA), allows 2-alkynoates to be prepared in high yields by an oxidative carbonylation of terminal alkynes and alcohols. The catalyst system overcomes many of the limitations of previous palladium carbonylation catalysts. It has an increased substrate scope, avoids large(More)
2-Ynamides can be synthesised through PdII catalysed oxidative carbonylation, utilising low catalyst loadings. A variety of alkynes and amines can be used to afford 2-ynamides in high yields, whilst overcoming the drawbacks associated with previous oxidative methods, which rely on dangerous solvents and gas mixtures. The use of [NBu4 ]I allows the(More)
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