Norman Kretzschmar

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We demonstrate sub-Doppler cooling of K on the D1 atomic transition. Using a gray molasses scheme, we efficiently cool a compressed cloud of 6.5 × 10 atoms from ∼ 4 mK to 20μK in 8 ms. After transfer in a quadrupole magnetic trap, we measure a phase space density of ∼ 10−5. This technique offers a promising route for fast evaporation of fermionic K.(More)
  • Daniel Suchet, Mihail Rabinovic, +8 authors Norman Kretschmar
  • 2017
In this Letter we report on a novel approach to study the dynamics of harmonically confined Weyl particles using magnetically trapped fermionic atoms. We find that after a kick of its center of mass, the system relaxes towards a steady state even in the absence of interactions, in stark contrast with massive particles which would oscillate without damping.(More)
We present a simple all-solid-state laser source emitting 2.4 W of single-frequency light at 671 nm for laser cooling of lithium atoms. It is based on a diode-pumped solid-state laser, which is frequency doubled in a ppZnO:LN ridge waveguide with an internal doubling efficiency of 54%. We develop a simple theory for the thermal effects we observed at(More)
We present an all-solid-state laser source emitting up to 2.1 W of single-frequency light at 671 nm developed for laser cooling of lithium atoms. It is based on a diode-pumped, neodymium-doped orthovanadate (Nd:YVO(4)) ring laser operating at 1342 nm. Optimization of the thermal management in the gain medium results in a maximum multi-frequency output power(More)
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