Norman Kahan

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A direct method for measuring force production of specific muscles during dynamic exercise is presently unavailable. Previous studies indicate that both intramuscular pressure (IMP) and electromyography (EMG) correlate linearly with muscle contraction force during isometric exercise. The objective of this study was to compare IMP and EMG as linear assessors(More)
The purpose of our investigation was to determine if the near infrared spectroscopy technique was sensitive to changes in tissue oxygenation at low levels of isometric contraction in the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle. Nine subjects were seated with the right arm abducted to 45 degrees, elbow flexed to 85 degrees, forearm pronated 45 degrees, and(More)
BACKGROUND Spinal lengthening and back pain are commonly experienced by astronauts exposed to microgravity. METHODS To develop a ground-based simulation for spinal adaptation to microgravity, we investigated height increase, neuromuscular function and back pain in 6 subjects all of whom underwent two forms of bed rest for 3 d. One form consisted of 6(More)
PURPOSE To study the influence of timing of postseed implant imaging on rectal dose-volume parameters for cesium-131 ((131)Cs) seed prostate implants. METHODS AND MATERIALS Fifteen patients were treated in our institution with combination (131)Cs brachytherapy followed by pelvic external beam radiation therapy for intermediate to high-risk prostate(More)
BACKGROUND Increased spinal height due to the lack of of axial compression on spinal structures in microgravity may stretch the spinal cord, cauda equina, nerve roots, and paraspinal tissues. HYPOTHESIS Exposure to simulated microgravity causes dysfunction of nerve roots so that the synaptic portion of the Achilles tendon reflex is delayed. METHODS Six(More)
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