Norman J Marcus

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Surgical options for cartilage resurfacing may be significantly improved by advances and application of biomaterials that direct tissue repair. A poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate (PEGDA) hydrogel was designed to support cartilage matrix production, with easy surgical application. A model in vitro system demonstrated deposition of cartilage-specific(More)
Three patients who were scheduled for surgical procedures for a variety of diagnoses are presented. Each of the patients presented with pain that was interpreted as a result of an operable lesion. None of the patients was assessed for a possible muscular etiology of their pain prior to being evaluated at the author's pain center. In all three patients,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of a muscle protocol to treat patients diagnosed with neuraxial low back pain (LBP) before and after invasive treatments. DESIGN Patients with chronic (>6 months) LBP-postinvasive treatment and pre-spine surgery-were assessed and treated. An electrical device rather than palpation was used to determine muscle(s) as(More)
This paper points out the relationship that exists between treatment approaches with drug addicts and sociodemographic characteristics of the communities affected. It has been shown that while poor and middle class communities show good results with methadone maintenance approaches, in the area of secondary drug abuse they show marked dissimilarities. Also,(More)
The majority of patients with cancer will experience pain in the course of their disease [Kjaer, M. The therapy of cancer pain and its integration into a comprehensive supportive care strategy. Ann. Oncol. 1997, 8 (3), 15-19; Bruera, E.; Lawlor, P. Cancer pain management. Acta Anaesthesiol. Scand. 1997, 41 (1 of 2), 146-153]. Epidemiological studies [Foley,(More)
Decades of debate have yet to yield a universal solution to the treatment of low back pain, a problem that afflicts 80% of adults in the United States at some point of their lives [1,2]. Exercise, in general, has become widely recognized as playing a large role in the rehabilitation of back pain sufferers. Yet, there is no consensus on which types of(More)