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Introduction This paper introduces the Architecture of KeyKOS ~M* , a capability-based operating system for the I B M System 13 70. We attempt to tel I enough so that certain arguments and conclusions about its properties can be formed. Our description attempts to be essentially complete concerning the function of the kernel** which comprises the(More)
This is a nearly true story (inessential details have been changed). The events happened about eleven years ago at Tymshare, a company which provided commercial timesharing services. Before this happened I had heard of capabilities and thought that they Were neat and tidy, but was not yet convinced that they were necessary. This occasion convinced me that(More)
The KeyKOS nanokernel is a capability-based object-oriented operating system that has been in production use since 1983. Its original implementation was motivated by the need to provide security, reliability, and 24-hour availability for applications on the Tymnet ® hosts. Requirements included the ability to run multiple instantiations of several operating(More)
I too have been disturbed by the way that Pascal seems to encourage global variables. My conclusion, however is the opposite of that expressed in Eric Levy's paper° This is an integer expression. We assume that f is an integer valued function of an integer (PROC(INT)INT). The text 'INT sum := O' declares and initializes the variable 'sum'. The scope of this(More)
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