Norman H. Kelly

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Estimating abundance of Antarctic minke whales is central to the International Whaling Commission's conservation and management work and understanding impacts of climate change on polar marine ecosystems. Detecting abundance trends is problematic, in part because minke whales are frequently sighted within Antarctic sea ice where navigational safety concerns(More)
Reaction of Cu(NO3)2·3H2O or Cu(CH3COO)2·H2O with the bis(2-hydroxyphenylimine) ligands H2L-H2L gave four Cu(II) complexes of composition [Cu2(L)(NO3)2(H2O)]·MeOH, [Cu2(L)2], [Cu2(L)2] and [Cu2(L)2]·2MeOH. Depending on the spacer unit, the structures are characterized by a dinuclear arrangement of Cu(II) within one ligand (H2L), by a double-stranded [2 + 2](More)
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