Norman G. Dinges

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Objective: To determine the prevalence of depressive symptoms among Vietnamese refugees who have lived in the United States for at least two months. Design: A prospective and descriptive study using the Vietnamese Depression Scale (VDS). Scores of ≥ 13 on the VDS were considered indicative of depression. Setting: Ten public health clinics in four states.(More)
Depression, suicidality and substance abuse disorders are examined with special emphasis on the role of stressful life events in predicting severity and patterns of comorbidity among American Indian and Alaska Native adolescents in boarding school environments. Both amount and severity of comorbidity increase with age and specific patterns of comorbidity(More)
A brief, culture-specific, self-report screening measure for depression, the Vietnamese Depression Scale, was used to determine the prevalence of depressive symptoms among 1,998 consecutive adult Vietnamese refugees who presented at 10 public health clinics within 2 months of their arrival in the United States. Of these patients, 6% met the criterion for a(More)
Time estimations of 1-min. intervals using the method of reproduction by 112 Navajo children were measured under neutral and reward conditions in a repeated-measures design. Anticipated reward (a piece of candy) significantly reduced the accuracy of time estimations. In contrast to previous research the girls were more accurate than the boys; however, the(More)
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