Norman C. Griswold

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Cork is a natural material produced in the Mediterranean countries. Cork stoppers are used to seal wine bottles, Cork stopper quality classification is a practical pattern classification problem. The cork stoppers are grouped into eight classes according to the degree of defects on the cork surface. These defects appear in the form of random-shaped holes,(More)
This paper presents a robust vision-based stop-sign reconition technique based on sequential processing of color and shape. The primary red-green-blue color coordinate system is first transformed into the saturation-hue-brightness color coordinate system. This color coordinate system allows the red color area of a stop sign to be bounded under various(More)
In this paper, we develop a new method for weighted least squares 2D linear-phase FIR filter design. It poses the problem of filter design as the problem of projecting the desired frequency response onto the subspace spanned by an appropriate orthonormal basis. We show how to compute the orthonormal basis efficiently in the cases of quadrantally-symmetric(More)
This dissertation explores the theoretical and practical aspects of dimensionality in fuzzy systems. First, the author shows that fuzzy logic can be formulated from first principles of Bayesian probability theory. Such a formulation helps focus theoretical development of fuzzy logic techniques. For example, the effect of anomalous inputs on various forms of(More)
This research is concerned with investigating the problem of data compression utilizing an unsupervised estimation algorithm. This extends previous work utilizing a hybrid source coder which combines an orthogonal transformation with differential pulse code modulation (DPCM). The data compression is achieved in the DPCM loop, and it is the quantizer of this(More)