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The product expansion of conditional prob­ abilities for belief nets is not maximum en­ tropy. This appears to deny a desirable kind of assurance for the model. However, a kind of guarantee that is almost as strong as max­ imum entropy can be derived. Surprisingly, a variant model also exhibits the guarantee, and for many cases obtains a higher perfor­(More)
An inductive logic can be formulated in which the elements are not propositions or probability distributions, but information systems. The logic is complete for information systems with binary hypotheses, i.e., it applies to all such systems. It is not complete for information systems with more than two hypotheses, but applies to a subset of such systems.(More)
In a previous publication [1] several Delphi studies are reported using respondent groups to identify and estimate linear weights for those aspects of experience, which they judged to be important in determining the quality of life or sense of well-being of an individual. The procedure was first to ask each respondent to list a certain number of aspects of(More)
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