Norman Brown

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One of the language features of the core language of HPF 2.0 is the HPF Library. The HPF Library consists of 55 generic functions. The implementation of this library presents the challenge that all data types, data kinds, array ranks and input distributions need to be supported. For instance, more than 2 billion separate functions are required to support(More)
OBJECTIVE Most sexual health research depends on self-reported information, but little is known about the ways in which individuals arrive at their responses to sexual behavior questions. The purpose of the present research was to investigate the cognitive strategies and contextual cues used to recall sexual behaviors among men and women at high risk for(More)
An equation was developed for calculating the time to failure by slow crack growth (SCG) failure in any polyethylene structure. The equation requires the following experimental inputs: (1) the resistance to SCG as measured by the PENT test (ASTM F1473), (2) the stress intensity of the defect from which failure originates, and (3) the temperature. A simple(More)
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