Norman Andino García

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Thyronine derivatives are essential indicators of thyroid gland diseases in clinical diagnosis and are currently used as standards for developing ordinary biochemical assays. Photooxidation of gland(More)
New fluorinated biarsenical derivatives with improved optical properties based on highly photostable analogs of fluorescein were recently introduced. The photophysical parameters of the triplet(More)
Visible-light irradiation of aqueous-ethanolic solutions of Riboflavin (Rf) in the individual presence of the flavone chrysin (Chr) and its complex with Cu(2+) ([Chr2Cu]; 2:1 L:M) generates singlet(More)
The Rose Bengal-sensitized photooxidations of the dipeptides l-tryptophyl-l-phenylalanine (Trp-Phe), l-tryptophyl-l-tyrosine (Trp-Tyr) and l-tryptophyl-l-tryptophan (Trp-Trp) have been studied in pH(More)