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Review and framework articles, which are commonly used to synthesize the research literature on a topic area can be important tools for advancing the state of knowledge in a field of inquiry. However, the appraisal of, and the distinction between, survey review and framework articles are often difficult because of the common focus on analyzing a substantial(More)
Natural populations often experience the weakening or removal of a source of selection that had been important in the maintenance of one or more traits. Here we refer to these situations as 'relaxed selection,' and review recent studies that explore the effects of such changes on traits in their ecological contexts. In a few systems, such as the loss of(More)
Avatars in virtual worlds exhibit many of the social behaviors found in real life. As such, we can learn much about our own behaviors from them based on prior theories. But social psychological theories that help researchers understand real life behaviors may not necessarily apply to virtual worlds. In fact, we know little about how human behaviors, as(More)
How does genetic innovation translate into ecological innovation? Although evo-devo has successfully linked genes to morphology, the next stage is elucidating how genes predict resource use. This can be attained by broadening the focus of evo-devo from [genes→morphology], to [genes→morphology→functional ecology]. We suggest that the fields of evo-devo,(More)