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The taxonomic assignment of Prorocentrum species is based on morphological characteristics; however, morphological variability has been found for several taxa isolated from different geographical(More)
Juvenile American white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) were immersed in aerated beta-glucan and sulphated polysaccharide solutions for 1, 3 and 6 h. Superoxide anion and SOD activity in haemocytes and(More)
Using sequence analyses of fragments of the small and large subunits of mitochondrial genes 12S and 16S rRNA, we studied the molecular identity of five Triops populations from the Baja California(More)
Mangroves are highly productive marine ecosystems where bacteria (culturable and non-culturable) actively participate in biomineralization of organic matter and biotransformation of minerals. This(More)
AIMS To clone, sequence and characterize the gene encoding the Omp48, a major outer membrane protein from Aeromonas veronii. METHODS AND RESULTS A genomic library of Aer. veronii was constructed(More)
In Mexican waters, there is no a formal and well-established monitoring program of harmful algal blooms (HAB) events. Until now, most of the work has been focused on the characterization of organisms(More)