Norma Verdolini

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate if somatic symptoms of Eating Disorders and Migraine reflect similar aspects of personality and temperament. METHODS The clinical notes of 27 migraineurs and of 26 ED outpatients were reviewed; 40 medical students of the University of Perugia were recruited as healthy controls. TCI, DMI, SCID-II and TAS-20 were used. STATISTICAL(More)
INTRODUCTION Suicidal ideation and attempts account for a significant number of Emergency Department visits and represent a major public and mental health problem. Suicide and suicide attempts are a major cause of death and morbidity worldwide. SUBJECTS AND METHODS 111 suicide attempters (81 F (73%), 30 M (27%)) were consequently recruited in the(More)
Breast milk is considered the best source of nutrients and provides much better protection than immune modified milk. However, the postpartum period is a phase of increased risk for all women to experience psychiatric symptoms and recurrences or new episodes of bipolar disorder (BD), especially in those who have discontinued treatment. This is a systematic(More)
INTRODUCTION Child maltreatment is a well-known condition that is currently considered to be associated with the development of severe psychiatric conditions. Consequently, the authors decided to review the current literature in order to give a complete scenario of the situation in the world and to give recommendations about prevention and treatment as well(More)
The new DSM-5 "with mixed features" specifier (MFS) has renewed the interest of the scientific community in mixed states, leading not only to new clinical studies but also to new criticisms of the current nosology. Consequently, in our paper we have reviewed the latest literature, trying to understand the reactions of psychiatrists to the new nosology and(More)
INTRODUCTION There is considerable variability in the response of individuals to adverse environmental conditions, while some develop psychiatric illnesses like depression, others seem very capable of dealing with it. It is in this observation that the concepts of vulnerability and resilience are rooted. METHODS We conducted a review of the literature by(More)
BACKGROUND Prognostic factors of bipolar disorder must be identified to assist in staging and treatment, and this may be done primarily during the initial psychiatric assessment. In fact, most of the prognostic factors, which determine disease outcome, could be detected from simple but often-unrecorded questions asked during the psychiatric clinic visit. (More)
INTRODUCTION Several studies have been carried out regarding the possible overlap between Bipolar Disorder and borderline personality disorder. Up to now, it is not possible to provide a definitive picture. In fact, there is currently significant debate about the relationship between Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. METHODS MEDLINE(More)
OBJECTIVE Mixed states represent a controversial topic in the current psychiatry. The definitions and the diagnostic criteria have changed over the past years. The new DSM-5 classification will have a substantial impact in several fields: epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, research, education, and regulations. METHODS We reviewed the latest literature by(More)