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This article investigates VoIP performance over WLAN (WVoIP) through qualitative and quantitative point of view, considering degradation with the mobility. The results was obtained through a channel emulator to produce the Weibull distribution. Measurements results with a robot showed that this distribution is adequate to represent WLAN environment(More)
There are reasons to believe that mechanisms exist in the solar interior which lead to random density perturbations in the resonant region of the Large Mixing Angle solution to the solar neutrino problem. We find that, in the presence of these density perturbations, the best fit point in the (sin 2 2θ, ∆m 2) parameter space moves to smaller values, compared(More)
WLAN 802.11 operating in 2,4 GHz are being intensely implanted mainly in public environments. In these environments mobility is always a present characteristic. The objective of this work is to analyze the behavior of 802.11 MAC with flat fading. To reach this objective an emulation system was developed to create the flat fading channel phenomenon. With a(More)
Taking into account the stringent limits from helioseismology observations on possible matter density fluctuations described by magne-tohydrodynamics theory, we find the corresponding time variations of solar neutrino survival probability due to the resonant spin-flavor pre-cession phenomenon with amplitude of order O(10%). We discuss the physics potential(More)
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