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The nucleotide excision repair (NER) and spore photoproduct lyase DNA repair pathways are major determinants of Bacillus subtilis spore resistance to UV radiation. We report here that a putative(More)
 Alteration of bacterial DNA structure and/or associated functions in vivo by [Cu(phen)(nal)]+, a metal complex of the type [Cu(phen)(antib)]+ (where antib is a quinolone or a fluoroquinolone), was(More)
Northern-blot analysis revealed that cel9 and cel48, which encode family 9 and 48 glycosyl hydrolases, respectively, were expressed as a bicistronic mRNA in the soil bacterium Myxobacter sp. AL-1.(More)
The soil microorganism Myxobacter Sp. AL-1 regulates in a differential manner the production of five extracellular cellulases during its life cycle. The nucleotide sequence of a cel9-cel48 cluster(More)
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