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Immigrants and Modern Racism: Reproducing Inequality
book discusses at length how welfare reform served to decrease cash benefits for the poor, but says surprisingly little about the importance of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) in providingExpand
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Caribbean, Spanish migration, 19th century to present
The region of the Caribbean and the human migration of its people have played a fundamental yet not well understood part in the emergence of the modern world. Its strategic location between EuropeExpand
Sorting Black and Brown Latino service workers in gentrifying New York neighborhoods
Ethnography, qualitative interviews and census data document a new process of spatial and racial exclusion among Brown and Black Latino workers in New York's service sector. Unlike manufacturing,Expand
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Generation X and the Future Health of Latinos
Educational Leadership for Social Justice in Multicultural Contexts: The Case of Melilla, Spain
ABSTRACT In multicultural contexts, school principals and educators face unique challenges integrating disadvantaged and immigrant youth. We investigate how these leaders advocate, design andExpand
‘Hard-to-reach’ parents: immigrant families’ participation in schools and the views of parent association leaders in Spain and the United States
ABSTRACT While research about the significance of parent participation in school is expanding, research about the role of Parent Associations (PA)/Parent and Teacher Associations (PTA) in theExpand
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