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Using the Index of Work Satisfaction and nurses' comments, a successful method has been established to provide nurse-sensitive quality indicator data and clarification of work life concerns after restructuring. Findings are being used to direct change for acute care nurses in one large regional health authority. The authors describe the job satisfaction(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was undertaken to test the applicability of using a standardized questionnaire for measuring public health nurse (PHN) job satisfaction and to determine whether or not scores changed over 30 months. The importance of establishing a method for ongoing measurement of PHN job satisfaction was underscored by changing directions in practice(More)
Russworm and Larrabee's (1999) six-step model for evidence-based practice (EBP) was used by 10 nursing teams to seek answers to clinical questions. These teams, primarily composed of staff nurses, participated in a health region-wide EBP program over 1 year. Overall, the model served as a useful mechanism for examining practice-derived questions. However,(More)
The Nursing Research Committee in a large, tertiary care teaching hospital used Horn model for research use to develop research bases practice guidelines for the care of patients with central venous catheters. Development of these guidelines was the outcome of a process for planned change including a critique of relevant literature consultation with(More)
There has been considerable impetus to use conceptual frameworks to guide nursing practice, yet many nursing theories are not supported by research or understood by nurses. At Foothills Hospital, a Committee developed and implemented a conceptual framework based on self-care. Concepts within the framework are grounded in current nursing practice, consistent(More)
Understanding how nursing quality assurance and research programs are similar, yet different, is the first step towards enabling nurse managers to integrate the two programs. Blending research findings and research methods into the quality assurance process is one method of accomplishing integration. Other strategies include setting standards for nursing(More)