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The concentrations of lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, iron, and mercury in the water, sediment and biota of the Singapore River were determined. The concentration of the various metals in water showed significant variation at different sampling times and there was enrichment of lead content. The spatial patterns of metal distribution in the sediment could be(More)
We consider three level difference replacements of parabolic equations focusing on the heat equation in two space dimensions. Through a judicious splitting of the approximation, the scheme qualifies as an alternating direction implicit (ADI) method. Using the well known fact of the parabolic-elliptic correspondence, we shall derive a two stage iterative(More)
Since distributed parallel computing system offers users with more spread computing and storage resources, it provides us a prospect to propose new efficient and dynamic solvers for the numerical solutions of partial differential equations (PDEs) in order to visualize breasts' cancerous cell. Partial differential equations (PDEs) can be classified as(More)
Software birthmark is a unique quality of software to detect software theft. Comparing birthmarks of software can tell us whether a program or software is a copy of another. Software theft and piracy are rapidly increasing problems of copying, stealing, and misusing the software without proper permission, as mentioned in the desired license agreement. The(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm in the class of the AGE method based on the Brian variant (AGEB) of the ADI is developed to solve the heat equation in 3 space dimensions. The method is iterative , convergent, stable and second order accurate with respect to space and time. It is inherently explicit and is therefore well suited for parallel implementation on(More)
Scientific Computing Library Portal (SCLP) is a system for scientific researchers to obtain, contribute, share, store, and analyze scientific algorithm through a portal platform. Due to incomplete existing scientific computing library, not so centralized massive knowledge resources, and distributed data analyses for a science team, it is desired that the(More)
This study presents web-based networked information and collaborative authoring architecture as Information and Knowledge Grids. This architecture is made possible by advanced open source grid portal software in conjunction with distributed parallel computing system. Using this advanced grid portal technology all the cluster servers of different(More)
The paper focuses on a numerical method for detecting, visualizing and monitoring abnormal cell growth using large-scale mathematical simulations. The discretization of multi-dimensional partial differential equation (PDE) is based on finite difference method. The predictor system depending on users input data via a user interface, generating the initial(More)