Norma Alias

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We consider three level difference replacements of parabolic equations focusing on the heat equation in two space dimensions. Through a judicious splitting of the approximation, the scheme qualifies as an alternating direction implicit (ADI) method. Using the well known fact of the parabolic-elliptic correspondence, we shall derive a two stage iterative(More)
The OER is a comparatively innovative phenomenon which perhaps seen as a part of a bigger movement towards openness in advanced education including more familiar and recognized trends, for example Open Access (OA) and Open Source Software (OSS). This study introduces a web based service for collaborative authoring learning to create, share and explore(More)
Parabolic Partial Differential Equations (PDE) are well suited to multiprocessor implementation. However, the performance of a parallel program can be damaged by the mismatches between the parallelism available in the application and that available in the architecture. Communication cost, memory requirements, execution time, implementation cost, and others(More)
The paper focuses on a numerical method for detecting, visualizing and monitoring abnormal cell growth using large-scale mathematical simulations. The discretization of multi-dimensional partial differential equation (PDE) is based on finite difference method. The predictor system depending on users input data via a user interface, generating the initial(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm in the class of the AGE method based on the Brian variant (AGEB) of the ADI is developed to solve the heat equation in 3 space dimensions. The method is iterative , convergent, stable and second order accurate with respect to space and time. It is inherently explicit and is therefore well suited for parallel implementation on(More)
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