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The 'preclinical' phase of Alzheimer's disease is a future target for treatment, but additional research is essential to understand the relationship between β-amyloid burden and cognition during this time. We investigated this relationship using a large sample of apparently healthy older adults (N=177), which also enabled examination of whether the(More)
A decline in cognition greater than expected with ageing and accompanied by subjective cognitive concerns or functional changes may be indicative of a dementing disorder. The capacity to correctly identify cognitive decline relies on comparisons with normative data from a suitably matched healthy reference group with relatively homogeneous demographic(More)
There is a considerable amount of evidence pointing to the existence of a weekend effect of increased in-hospital mortality in many countries. The underlying reason for the effect is now the subject of more forensic studies, but considerable care should be exercised to ensure analyses are not confounded or based on prior beliefs only. This study uses a data(More)
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