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The selection practice in academic library is changing with the emergence of electronic resources such as e-book and e-journal. There is a paradigm shift in the acquisition department at the library. The department act as a catalyst in selecting and providing information resources for university in achieving its mission and vision. The introduction of(More)
This paper presents the results of a study that aims to examine the perceptions on organizational learning capabilities (OLC) namely organizational culture and teamwork cooperation of librarians in an academic library. Questionnaires were distributed to selected academic librarians in one large public university in Malaysia. Almost three-quarter (72%) of(More)
Organizational learning capabilities (OLC) is defined as the organizational and managerial characteristics of factors that encourage learning process or enabling an organization to learn while knowledge performance can be explained as the ability of individual, group and organization to understand what they have learned. This study aims to determine the(More)
Digital reference service is a network that placed expertise or skill, human intermediation and resources at the disposal of users in an online environment, employs automated tools and allowing human experts to concentrate or focus on difficult questions. It is viewed that digital reference service occurs when a question is received and responded(More)
This paper presents a perception study on the used of patron driven acquisition (PDA) in e-book selection at academic libraries in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. E-book is an increasingly common medium offered within these libraries. The purchase of e-book utilizing a finite budget has significant impact on library's return investment. The paper focuses on(More)
The paper aims to provide findings of an exploratory study that examines the level of knowledge in managing information among Malaysian Bumiputera potential entrepreneurs who desire to do business for a living. The study adopted a quantitative approach using questionnaire as the survey instrument. The sample comprised of Bumiputera potential entrepreneurs(More)
This paper partly presents the results of a study being carried out at 12 university libraries in the Klang Valley of Malaysia. The study aims to investigate whether librarians are practising the concepts of a learning organization, and to examine their perceptions on the practices of individual and team learning in their workplace. The results of the study(More)
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