Noriyoshi Umezaki

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Radioactivity after administration of 123I-sodium iodide was measured in breast milk samples obtained from a patient with postpartum thyroiditis. The breast milk was collected over 93 h during the infant's regular feeding times. The radioactivity in the breast milk was calculated with a 123I capsule of the same lot number as the standard source. 123I was(More)
UNLABELLED This study was performed to assess the relationship between 201Tl chloride uptake and brain tumor proliferation using monoclonal antibody Ki-67 and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA). METHODS Thirty-four patients with brain tumors were studied. Serial SPECT images were recorded and thallium uptake (Tl index) and washout rates in the(More)
The heart-to-liver (H/L) uptake ratio in rats was determined 8 min after the rectal administration of 201Tl. Apart from normal controls, three groups of rats were examined; these were composed of animals with induced (1) acute hepatic damage, (2) liver cirrhosis, and (3) partial portal-vein ligation. After the rectal administration of 201Tl, 51Cr-labeled(More)
The renal circulation of patients with essential hypertension and renovascular hypertension was evaluated using 99mTc-DTPA. The first renal peak count (the first Cmax; FCmax), time phase distribution (the first Tmax; FTmax), and blood velocity (the FCmax/FTmax) were calculated by digital imaging. This yields a visual image of the renal circulation. We(More)
In this study, we examined the usefulness of whole body coronal images and whole body cine display MIP images (CMIP) upon which image processing was carried out after whole body SPECT in comparison to the usefulness of whole body images (WB/SC) compensated by scattered radiation in tumor/inflammation scintigraphy with 67Ga-citrate (67Ga). Image(More)
Six patients with cardiomyopathy were imaged following intravenous injection of an indium-111 labeled monoclonal antibody directed against the heavy chain of cardiac myosin. Two patients had hypertrophic non-obstructive cardiomyopathy (HNCM), two patients had dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), and two patients had specific heart muscle disease. One of 2 patients(More)
The temporal image subtraction technique was applied to bone scintigraphy, using Photoshop (commercially available image processing software) and Morpher (public domain warping software). For the temporal subtraction images, 81 subtraction images (19 cases) were prepared by a method used to subtract the previous images from the current ones. Registration of(More)