Noriyoshi Kamado

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To build an acoustic system that can maintain the localization of sound images included in stereo mixed signals, we propose a new object-based up-mixer that performs sound source separation and sound location estimation. First, in a preliminary experiment, we show the effectiveness of sound location estimation using the proposed up-mixer via objective(More)
For a reproduced sound field, the competing goals between the listening area and reproduction accuracy in an actual environment is one of the most important problems in sound field reproduction using loudspeakers. In this paper, we propose a new method of balancing these goals with absolute accuracy using an inverse filter of the room acoustics: the null(More)
—In this paper, speech recognition accuracy improvement is addressed for ICA-based multichannel noise reduction in spoken-dialogue robot. First, to achieve high recognition accuracy for the early utterance of the target speaker, we introduce a new rapid ICA initialization method combining robot image information and a prestored initial separation filter(More)
In this paper, to automatically generate musical thumbnails that contain the main part of the original tune, we propose a new estimation method for identifying structure changes in stereo tunes based on lo-calization information. The proposed method can estimate the main parts of a musical tune by analyzing the specific timing when local-ization information(More)
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