Noriyasu Suzuki

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The genetic population structure of the small cyprinid Hemigrammocypris rasborella, distributed widely in lowlands of western Japan, was examined using partial sequence data of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Molecular phylogenetic analysis revealed that the populations of the western Kyushu region were markedly differentiated from all eastern populations, such(More)
Interspecific variation in diel-scale temporal niches is common in natural communities. Such variation changes population dynamics via effects on the growth and reproduction of individuals. Also at the community level, theory predicts that animals can reduce competition for shared resources by changing diel activity in certain situations. However, the role(More)
The effects of larval cestode (Neogryporhynchus cheilancristrotus) infection on the reproduction of golden venus chub Hemigrammocypris neglectus and their population growth were estimated by analysis of the relationships between the abundance of cestodes and the breeding behavior of male chubs, as well as the fecundity of female chubs. N. cheilancristrotus(More)
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