Noriyani Mohd Zin

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Distributed database system has a collection of sites that will increase the data availability, reliability of data and the execution speed in less time. However, the management on transaction is important in managing deadlock problems. In this paper presents a new algorithm to manage transaction on neigbour replication in distributed database system. The(More)
A data grid is compose of hundreds of geographically distributed computers and storage resources usually locate under different places and enables users to share data and other resources. Problem statement: Data replication is one of the mechanisms in managing data grid architecture that receive particular attention since it can provide efficient access to(More)
Single-row routing is a technique for routing pair of nodes arranged in a single-row axis or set of nets. The nets make up the wire without crossing each other in the printed circuit board design which is drawn from left to right. The main objective in single-row routing is to achieve the optimal results of minimum congestion arising from the number of(More)