Noritsugu Yamamoto

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A directional coupler switch structure capable of short switching length and wide bandwidth is proposed. The switching length and bandwidth have a trade-off relationship in conventional directional coupler switches. Dispersion curves that avoid this trade-off are derived, and a two-dimensional photonic crystal structure that achieves these dispersion curves(More)
The electrical potential between an immunoreactive electrode and a reference electrode in a buffer solution was studied. The immunoelectrode was made of titanium wire, on which an antigen or an antibody was chemically fixed. The electric potential of the electrode sensitized with anti-hCG gamma-globulin shifted in the positive direction in the presence of a(More)
Cathodoluminescence (CL) microscopy is a promising new technique having both molecular specificity and nanoscale resolution in biological imaging [1, 2]. CL is light emitted from a material induced by accelerated electrons and its luminescence spectrum depends on the material. By using nanophosphors emit CL as imaging probe, CL microscopy enables(More)
The antigen-antibody reaction of human choriogenadotropin has been potentiometrically investigated by use of a cyanogen bromide-treated electrode coated with the corresponding anti-serum. The potential of the modified electrode shifts in the positive direction upon contact with a solution of choriogonadotropin. The rate of the reaction at the interface(More)
The potential of a titanium metal electrode modified with trypsin changes as a result of the complex formation reaction between trypsin and its inhibitor, aprotinin, dissolved in the solution. A similar potential change in the opposite direction occurs by the reaction between aprotinin-modified electrode and trypsin in the solution. The induced changes in(More)
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