Noritsugu Nakamura

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A dynamically reconfigurable processor (DRP) is designed to achieve high area efficiency by switching reconfigurable data paths dynamically. Our DRP architecture has a stand alone finite state machine and that switches "contexts" consisting of many operational and storage units in processing elements (PEs) and wires between them. Utilizing the resources not(More)
One of the characteristics of our coarse-grained dynamically reconfigurable processor is that it uses the same operational resource for both control-intensive and dataintensive code segments. We maximize throughput from the knowledge of high-level synthesis under timing constraints. Because the optimal clock speeds for both code segments are different, a(More)
In this paper, we focus on the Werewolf Game. The Werewolf Game is an advanced communication-game in which winning or losing is directly linked to one's success or failure in communication. Therefore, we expect exponential developments in artificial intelligence by studying the Werewolf Game. In this current study, we propose a psychological model that(More)
In this paper, a novel independent parallel operation control method for inverters is proposed to achieve high reliable AC distribution configurations. The proposed parallel control system improves output voltage and frequency characteristics compared to a conventional independent control system, and it is simple because it does not calculate active power,(More)
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