Noritsugu Honma

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It is possible to accurately recognize the shape of an object or to grip it by setting soft tactile sensors on a robot's hands. We studied a multichannel soft tactile sensor as an artificial hand and evaluated the pressure's response performance from several directions and the slipping and sliding responses. The tactile sensor consisted of multiple(More)
We developed a robot hand with three fingers and controlled them using underactuated control to obtain a more flexible grip. With underactuated control, we can flexibly operate an artificial robot hand and reduce the number of actuators. The robot fingers had three joints to imitate human fingers. One finger was driven by one wire and one servo motor for(More)
Phosphorylation of the retinoblastoma protein (RB) was observed during apoptosis of B50 neuroblastoma cells following induction by dibutyryl cAMP, after differentiation into neurons, or by cycloheximide during proliferation. A weak but distinct increase in a RB and histone H1 kinase activity was detected at the time of RB phosphorylation. However, the RB(More)
We describe here two types of apoptotic cell death observed in the rat CNS-derived neuroblastoma B50 and B104 cells. One type was induced by dibutyryl cyclic AMP (DBcAMP) after differentiation, and the other was induced by treatment of proliferating cells with cycloheximide. When B50 and B104 cells were treated with 1 mM DBcAMP in the presence of 0.5% fetal(More)
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