Noritoshi Morikawa

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Introduction: Shergottites show basaltic, olivine (+ orthopyroxene)-phyric or lherzolitic textures. Up to now seven specimens including Yamato (Y-) 793605 are classified as lherzolitic shergottites [1]. Except Allan Hills (ALH) 77005 and Northwest Africa (NWA) 1950 [2], sample seizes of lherzolitic shergottites are small, weighing less than 20 g. The(More)
In contrast to the deep subseafloor biosphere, a volumetrically vast and stable habitat for microbial life in the terrestrial crust remains poorly explored. For the long-term sustainability of a crustal biome, high-energy fluxes derived from hydrothermal circulation and water radiolysis in uranium-enriched rocks are seemingly essential. However, the crustal(More)
SUMMARY The authors evaluated the embolization effects on experimental aneurysm models with a liquid material. This material is a mixture of poly (HEMA-co-MMA), Iopamidol, water and a small amount of ethyl alcohol. We have satisfactorily treated over 30 cases of AVM with this material. Out of four solutions of different viscosity, we used the solution with(More)
SUMMARY Characteristics of a newly developed liquid material for embolization of AVM and its clinical experiments are reported. This liquid is composed of dissolving poly (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate-co-methyl methacrylate) in Iopamiron with adding a small amount of ethyl alcohol. Thirty-two cases of AVM and 5 cases of spinal AVM were embolized with this(More)
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