Noritaka Yanagida

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The DNA sequence of an 8.4 kbp BamHI-EcoRI fragment of Marek's disease virus (MDV) strain GA was determined. Three of the predicted polypeptides are homologous to UL47, UL48 and UL49 encoding the major tegument proteins of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), and four are homologous to HSV-1 UL45, UL46, UL49.5 and UL50. These seven genes are found in the(More)
OBJECT The characteristics of a previously unclassified paraclinoid aneurysm arising from the anterolateral (dorsal) wall of the proximal internal carotid artery were retrospectively analyzed in seven patients (five women and two men) who were treated surgically for an aneurysm in this unusual location. METHODS One patient presented with subarachnoid(More)
We have identified three Marek's disease virus (MDV) open reading frames (ORFs) within the BamHI D fragment of MDV genome. The predicted polypeptides are homologous to UL1 (glycoprotein L, gL), UL2 (uracil-DNA glycosylase), and UL3 (nuclear localizing phosphoprotein) of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). Comparison of the deduced amino acid sequences of(More)
The haemagglutinin-neuraminidase gene of Newcastle disease virus was inserted into a non-essential region of the fowlpox virus genome and expressed under control of the vaccinia virus 7.5 kDa polypeptide gene promoter. Immunization with the recombinant fowlpox virus elicited protective immunity in chickens against both virulent Newcastle disease and fowlpox(More)
Insertion of the Escherichia coli lacZ gene into a ClaI restriction enzyme site of a 5.7 kb HindIII fragment of the fowlpox virus (FPV) genome resulted in the generation of stable recombinants. These recombinants produced plaques that were significantly smaller than those produced by parental FPV or by FPV recombinants containing the lacZ gene at other(More)
Earlier studies have shown that the B haplotype has a significant influence on the protective efficacy of vaccines against Marek's disease (MD) and that the level of protection varies dependent on the serotype of MD virus (MDV) used in the vaccine. To determine if the protective glycoprotein gene gB is a basis for this association, we compared recombinant(More)
A DNA fragment of Serratia marcescens directing an extracellular serine protease (Mr, 41,000) was cloned in Escherichia coli. The cloned fragment caused specific excretion of the protease into the extracellular medium through the outer membrane of E. coli host cells in parallel with their growth. No excretion of the periplasmic enzymes of host cells(More)
Fowlpox virus (FPV) recombinants expressing the glycoprotein B and the phosphorylated protein (pp38) of the GA strain of Marek's disease virus (MDV) were assayed for their ability to protect chickens against challenge with virulent MDV. The recombinant FPV expressing the glycoprotein B gene elicited neutralizing antibodies against MDV, significantly reduced(More)
The nucleotide sequences of the glycoprotein B (gB) genes of Marek's disease virus (MDV) serotypes 2 and 3 were determined (gB-2 and gB-3, respectively). The genomic locations of these genes coincide with that of the gB gene of serotype 1 MDV (gB-1). Alignment with gB-1 (Ross et al., 1989, J. Gen. Virol. 70, 1789-1804) revealed predicted amino acid(More)
A fowlpox virus (FPV) gene with homology to the vaccinia virus p37K major envelope antigen gene was identified and sequenced. The predicted product has a molecular weight of 43,018 Da (p43K). The FPV p43K gene has 37.5% identity with its vaccinia counterpart and higher homology with a molluscum contagiosum virus gene (42.6% identity). Based on upstream(More)