Noritaka Nagai

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Fourier transform analysis was applied to elucidate the periodical and self-similar properties in the DNA sequences mainly of beta-globin genes in different species, and the evolutionary change in those properties was then investigated. Map patterns of a two-dimensional DNA walk showed that the stretches of exons are significantly shorter than those of(More)
In order to calculate deformation of soft tissue under arbitrary loading conditions, we have to take both non-linear material characteristics and subcutaneous structures into considerations. The estimation method of material properties presented in this paper accounts for these issues. It employs a compression test inside MRI in order to visualize(More)
Molecular characteristics of ovalbumin (OVA) in the acidic (pD 3.08, the E-form) and neutral [pD 7.29, the N-form (native form)] regions were studied by measuring effective radii, 1H NMR spectra, spin-echo 1H NMR spectra and cross-relaxation times (TIS) from irradiated to observed protein protons which are particularly sensitive for detection of the mobile(More)
1. Introduction Huge capacity (over 100GB), random access and removable storage are now intensively investigated as holographic memory and multi layer recording, Here, we newly confirmed a stacked volumetric optical storage which is our new proposal named SVOD (Stacked Volumetric Optical Disks). As illustrated in Fig.1, a lot of nanoprinted thin optical(More)
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