Noritaka Mamorita

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Cyclic bursts of ventricular premature contractions (VPC) coming at minute-order intervals have been discerned by analyzing ambulatory ECG recordings, and their mechanism has not been clarified. The present study simulates this phenomenon by constructing a bidirectional modulated parasystole model. With Ts and Te as the intrinsic periods of the sinus and(More)
Paper medical diaries have effectively been used in chronic diseases for self-management without information and communication technology for many cases. To facilitate self-control in chronic diseases, and observe one's own condition objectively and continuously, we developed a cellphone-based medical recorder (MedData) for patients with chronic diseases.(More)
Busulfan (BU) has a narrow therapeutic window between efficacy and toxicity as well as other anticancer agents and immunosuppressants. Moreover, their pharmacokinetics exhibit wide inter-patient variability. Pharmacokinetic studies have suggested that individualization of BU doses based on the area under the curve (AUC) for plasma concentration time change(More)
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