Noritaka Mamorita

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OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to develop a low-cost and compact system for analysis of tremor using a three-axis accelerometer (the Wii Remote (Nintendo)). To analyze tremor, we hypothesized that the influence of gravitational acceleration should be separated from that of movement. This hypothesis was tested experimentally and we also attempted to(More)
Cyclic bursts of ventricular premature contractions (VPC) coming at minute-order intervals have been discerned by analyzing ambulatory ECG recordings, and their mechanism has not been clarified. The present study simulates this phenomenon by constructing a bidirectional modulated parasystole model. With Ts and Te as the intrinsic periods of the sinus and(More)
Paper medical diaries have effectively been used in chronic diseases for self-management without information and communication technology for many cases. To facilitate self-control in chronic diseases, and observe one's own condition objectively and continuously, we developed a cellphone-based medical recorder (MedData) for patients with chronic diseases.(More)
Busulfan (BU) has a narrow therapeutic window between efficacy and toxicity as well as other anticancer agents and immunosuppressants. Moreover, their pharmacokinetics exhibit wide inter-patient variability. Pharmacokinetic studies have suggested that individualization of BU doses based on the area under the curve (AUC) for plasma concentration time change(More)
BACKGROUND Hospital real-time location systems (RTLS) are increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs, but room access tags are necessary. OBJECTVE We developed three iPhone 5 applications for an RTLS and communications using Bluetooth low energy (BLE). METHODS The applications were: Peripheral device tags, Central beacons, and a Monitor. A(More)