Norita Md Norwawi

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In recent years, web security has been viewed in the context of securing the web application layer from attacks by unauthorized users. The vulnerabilities existing in the web application layer have been attributed either to using an inappropriate software development model to guide the development process, or the use of a software development model that(More)
Internet worms that spread autonomously from one host to another cause major problem in today's networks. On 25th January 2003, " Slammer " was released into the internet and after ten minutes the worm infected more than 90% of vulnerable hosts. Worms cause damage to the network by consuming its resources such as bandwidth. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Reservoir is one of the emergency environments that required fast an accurate decision to reduce flood risk during heavy rainfall and contain water during less rainfall. Typically, during heavy rainfall, the water level increase very fast, thus decision of the water release is timely and crucial task. In this paper, intelligent decision support model based(More)
One direction of ant colony optimization researches is dividing the ants' population into several colonies. These colonies work together to collectively solve an optimization problem. This approach offers good opportunity to explore a large area of the search space. This paper proposes a new generic algorithmic approach that utilized multiple ant colonies(More)